Saturday, 7 April 2012

You Died: PC

The villagers are cheering in the streets, the bells are ringing, birds are spontaneously exploding. Oh what, oh what could it be? Could it possibly be, it seems to me, that Dark Souls has finally been announced for PC? Well I'll be.

Now PC players too can have their shit slapped at any given time.

Confirmed from a German magazine cover here. Although this has been a long time coming, it's still a relief that FromSoftware's chosen one has made it to the PC. Not just that, but with the added promised bonus of added bosses. If you listen really, really closely, you can hear the neckbeards squeal with joy from here. Personally, I'm more excited for the modding community to develop around Dark Souls and see what they can do with it; we'll be fighting at least 4 giant penis boss monsters before the year is out.
This all derived from a single petition from a single fan. I know, I know, developers listening to players? Well I've never been so flabbergasted in all my days. Fortunately, not every dev follows BioWare's customer support policies. 'Tis truly a glorious day in vidya, a strong step forward for developer-player relations after the long plummet due to EA being EA. A new sun is rising, and I for one shall be praising it.

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