Sunday, 8 April 2012


There's a lot of Minecraft clones out there. There's bad clones like FortressCraft or TotalMiner, but then there's devs that did it right. They were inspired by Minecraft and went on to make games like Terraria, although it's stopped updating, I believe. One of such games is Cube World, a game still in the development process and not yet open to public playing. 'Tis a shame, too, I'd sacrifice my first-born in the glorious name of Wollay to play it. I could do that anyway, I mean, there's no harm trying.

Look at those dead, soulless eyes. He'd totally accept my sacrifice.

So why am I so firmly up Wollay's ass? Well, Cube World looks absolutely stunning, even this early in development. The art style's so charming and invitingly warm, Makes you wanna build a virtual house there and slaughter your family so nothing's between you and your dearest cubes.
The gameplay's even better. You know the Minecraft combat of "poke with sword, poke with sword, poke with sword"? Well, this actuall has some pretty cool mechanics. There's tons of weapons to pick from, and you can build your own pixel by pixel. The game is in fact an RPG and your items, as well as yourself, levels. The monsters you fight are also pretty varied, ranging from winged demon-like beasts to giant boss ogres.
The terrain is randomly generated, but don't let that put you off. The scenery always manages to stun, and with the pretty awesome movement animations, physics and controls it looks like a lot of fun just wandering around the place.

That's family slaughtering worthy scenery, no doubt.

Wollay himself had been offered work at Mojang, but he turned them down when he found out he'd have to move to Sweden. Which is a relief, I wouldn't want to see Cube World "taken up a Notch". I'll leave you with one of the more recent updates featuring the combat.

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