Friday, 6 April 2012

The Devs They Are A-Changin'

Come gather 'round gamers
Whetever genre you play
And agree the industry
Has been led astray
And foresee D.L.C.
Plus the games turnin' grey
If the games to you
Are worth playin'
Then you better not buy codes for
Any on-disc content.
For the devs they are a-changin'.

Come video game critics
Who give 9.5 outta 10
To keep your wage high
For games I can't play again
But don't crack so soon
For we're all blowin' steam
Oh you see now who
That I'm blamin'
For the indie now
Will be later mainstream
For the devs they are a-changin'.

Come designers, programmers
Please hear our plea
Don't sell out to EA
Just listen to me
'Cause when you get big
Attending E3
You think we'll be at your side
When you're stagin'
You'll see your profits fade
Like your integrity
For the devs they are a-changin'.

Come hardcores and neckbeards
All around the net
And wave the flags high
Of blood and of sweat
For all the casual gamers
Can never understand
The old days are
Rapidly fadin'
Now made in a couple o' days
What was once caref'ly planned.
For the devs they are a-changin'.

The gauntlet is thrown
The players come last
The good dev now
Will become balf-assed
What we must do now
Together stand fast
The industry
Needs some upgradin'
And D.L.C. now
Must become a thing o' the past
For the devs they are a-changin'.

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