Saturday, 7 April 2012

Notch's New Project

Unless you've found the world's largest rock to live under, you've heard of Minecraft, the popular indie game from Mojang studios about setting fire to your friends' creations and laughing yourself into a coma as you listen to their tears of loss and rage. Or punching trees, or something, whatever. What's important is alongside the upcoming Scrolls and Colbalt (although that's Jeb's project, so it may actually turn out okay) Notch is creating 0x10^c; the hardest game title to remember since DragonBall Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
Not a whole lot is known about the game yet, but in essence we know that it's a pretty complicated game. With the redstone in Minecraft, at least there's a little bit of assurance that it can be pretty complex. So complex you can actually code in-game with DCPU-16 implementation. Fu.... un? The game's set in space and you control a ship, you can mine planets, explore and junk. Like somewhere in-between Mass Effect 2 and Roblox.
There are a few screen-shots released and, honestly, they're far from impressive. Like the following, released on Notch's Twitter.

I was having a pretty great day, computer, then I seen this.

Yes, yes, it's in the very first stages of release. That's why those blocks look like that, it isn't devoid of any form or hint of an art-style. Oh, wait, what's this?


There goes those straws to clutch on to. You would think he'd have learned with the outrage of the unfinished release of Minecraft to put in some damned aesthetic style, but clearly you don't know Mr. Presson. Even if you do, "untextured"? That isn't thinking outside the box or swimming against the current, that's just lazy. He'll get away with it too, of course. Hell, he won awards for the buggy unfinished Minecraft. The innovation award, actually. No, I never heard of Infirminer either. *Cough*
If you want to know more about the game's development and Notch's vacations, go to the site at

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