Friday, 6 April 2012

All that fun you were having was just pretend.

Don't believe me? Follow my ramblings and you'll find out pretty quickly that, all odds are, the games you enjoy are the worst things to grace the Earth since your mother. Or the lizard people, but we don't talk about the lizard people.
ANYWAY. This blog is, in a nutshell, me giving back to the gaming community by keeping you up to date with the latest terrible turn of events in the wide world of vidya! Vidya here being video games, not knowledge. Hey, that's almost ironic when you consider how little sense I'll be making. I kid, of course, I'll be making perfect sense as long as you understand the core concept that I hate fun.
So keep reading, oh dearest stranger, and follow me as I lead you down a blog-based journey showing you everything that is wrong with vidya today. Maybe some good things, too, if we have time.
Probably not though.

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