Saturday, 7 April 2012

He's Dead, Jim.

Just a quick post about "controversial" vidya game journalism. The always interesting Mr. Jim Sterling posted an article entitled "How Kickstarter Made the Video Game Industry Greedy". In this article he got his facts oh so very wrong and made a complete ass of himself. Unlike him. However, this time there's a very special comment to the article from an unexpected commenter:

"Hey Jim! Paul Trowe, CEO of Replay Games here. I find your article insulting and quite ignorant. I wish you would actually get your facts straight before spouting so much hate in to the world.
To set the record straight, in October we announced we aquired the rights to the LSL franchise, not that it was actually in production. We in fact only had, and only still have, a one room “proof of concept” that we used to get Codemasters to license the rights to us. We then took that licencing agreement, our business plan showing that we’re profitable after being in business for 3 years and bootstrapping it (with myself investing over $250k of my own money) and our forecast for the sales of the Larry games and other lines of business we have. Since the VC’s think Larry is too controversial to invest in, and seeing that it would take way longer to close a round of funding AND seeing how Al wanted to release LSL 1 in 2012 because it’s Larry’s 25th birthday, we turned to Kickstarter to get it done faster. VC deals typically take 6-9 months to close. So, having the platform to speak your mind, while it’s in your full right, it would be nice if you called the source (us) and got the facts straight, or at the very LEAST a comment from us.

-Paul Trowe
CEO Replay Games"

To which Mr. Sterling replied:

"The article was already updated to reflect that Replay was not so much being surreptitious, but had instead bought and announced a series of games that it did not know it could actually make."

Oh, Jim.

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